Monday, 01st February 2016


NAME : The Top Shop

LOCATION: 65 Carlyle St, Byron Bay NSW

MY ORDER: Flat White, Acai Bowl + Juice

INSTAGRAM: @topshopbyronbay

Anyone who's been there before will know, that when you stay in Byron Bay 'the thing' to do in the morning is run The Lighthouse Track (Or fast walk if you're like me). However, what you may not know, is that The Top Shop is the perfect place to refuel afterwards.

I was lucky enough to spend a full work week in Byron last year and after discovering this duo on the first morning, quickly made it my morning ritual.

The Top Shop is a corner store style cafe that makes their food and coffee with a strong focus on local and organic products. Put that philosophy together with an inventive menu, packed display cabinet and incredibly friendly staff and you'll understand why I ate there 5 mornings in a row.

I highly recommend that next time you find yourself in Byron Bay, you give The Top Shop a try. Grab a painted stool or patch of grass next to a local out the front and enjoy your acai in the sunshine.

Love Madeline