I have never had any issues whatever when it comes to people asking me questions or advice, I'm always happy to help, but I find that I'm forever answering the same questions, so I thought I would compile my answers into one and hopefully it helps answer most of your questions.

1. do you count calories?

No, I do not count calories, I listen to my body, eat regular meals and eat whenever I'm hungry to keep my metabolism going. At the same time I'm still aware of
portion sizes of things such as nuts - a great snack but with a high calorie intake and high in good fats, so a smaller amount is recommended etc.

2. whats your diet like?

There's nothing special about what I eat. I simply try to stick to a few simple guidelines such as

- minimal processed foods

- switching out white refined carbs for complex carbs

- lean proteins

- good fats

- lots of vegetables

- eating a variety of healthy foods

(all of this is better explained in my ebook - HERE )

3. are you vegan?

No, I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but a lot of my recipes are.

4. do you eat bread?

Yes I do still eat bread, I love bread (probably my favourite food) but I've simply switched from refined white sourdough to seedy, whole grain bread.

5. do you use protein powder?

Yes, I do use protein powder, not religiously or as a meal replacement, but I will occasionally add it to a smoothie or something if I want an extra protein boost in the morning or after a workout.

6. how tall are you?

I am about 173cm tall.

7. how much do you weigh?

The last number I saw on the scales was 60kg but this was almost a year ago as I stopped looking at the scales because, for me, it became about how healthy and fit I felt rather than a number.

8. whats your workout routine?

I don't really have a special or specific workout plan.. but you can read all about how I like to exercise during the week right HERE

9. how long did it take you to lose weight

My weight loss was a bit up and down in terms of time, but it It took me 6 months to lose 8kg and by the end of the full year I had lost 10kg but also gained muscle.

10. what do you do about cravings and eating out

I dont let being healthy completely control my life, I still go out to dinner with my boyfriend or to lunch with friends and although I try to pick a healthy
option if I can, I don't let myself stress too much about it. I believe that if you're forever restricting yourself, you're more likely to have constant cravings. I choose to indulge these cravings when I have them, so that they go away! In our house this is usually done by making friday night cheat night! I also have a small amount of dark chocolate or something sweet everyday to keep my sweet cravings at bay.

11. what are your weight loss secrets

Im sorry I don't have any special tips, I think the key to weight loss/getting
healthy is persistence! Just keep going, don't give up and you will achieve
your goals.

12. how do you stay motivated all the time?

Girls often tell me that they're really struggling with the motivation to keep
going. This happens to me too, all the time! Don't worry too much if you have a day where you're feeling uninspired, or if you lose you motivation for week..or more! The important thing is to just start again and get back into that routine rather than thinking 'oh well I've ruined all my good work, I may as well give up'. As far as motivation for losing weight goes, I really recommend taking progress shots. You don't have to show any one and I understand how horrible it feels taking the first ones, but you will be so grateful that you did once you start seeing a difference. Pictures are also a much more reliable way to tell if you're making progress, when compared to the scales which may not be changing. You may be starting to gain muscle, which is great but won't be reflected well on the scales, its in the pictures that you're going to see your hard work paying off.

13. Which nutrition course did you study and would you recommend it?

I started studying a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science at Deakin University - however I discontinued halfway through my first year because I decided that I was more interested in cooking/food styling than in the science behind food and I also chose to pursue blogging full-time.

14. do you have a regular job?

Yes, although I now view this as my job, I also work at reception for an integrative medical clinic and do some modelling/fit modelling on the side with an agency called SILHOUETTE (fittings not fitness!)